The Hideaway Studio

The Recording Studio

The Hideaway is a residential recording studio created by Imogen Heap in 2006. The cosy heart of the studio runs a Pro-Tools HDX rig, a Rupert Neve 5088 desk and is located in the basement of the house but with the unusual benefit of natural light. 

The Hideaway Studio - The Round House - havering-atte-bower
The Hideaway residential studio at The Round House - Havering-atte-Bower


Stage boxes are fitted in other rooms so recordings can benefit from the unique acoustics offered by an elliptical building with direct lines to the control room. Hearback is available in all rooms.

The Hideaway Studio Residential Studio in Havering

Control room

Tuned control room and recording booth on the lower floor. 

The Hideaway Studio havering-atte-bower


A wide selection of unusual instruments is available to experiment with.



Rupert Neve 5088 8ch. with
2×5012 Preamp Duo,
2×5043 Comp Duo,
2×5033 EQ,
2×5051 EQ/Comp,
6×5052 Pre/EQ

HD Recording

Mac Pro 2020 3.2GHz 16-Core Xeon – 96gb memory.
AVID HDX + Pro-Tools Ultimate.
I/O Apogee Symphony MKII 32×32.

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Focal Twin 6 BE
Crane Song Avocet Controller
Headphones Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, Sennheiser, Erzetich Mania + Perfidus headphone amplifier

Sonarworks Ref 4 calibration tools

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Extra Mic Pre's

Avalon Vt-737SP
API Audio 3124V

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Neumann TLM103 pair
Neumann U87ai
AKG 414 XL ii pair
Shure SM7
Telefunken AK47 MKII
Shure KSM44 pair

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Native Instruments

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The Hideaway Studio

Instruments and toys

Imogen Heap’s personal collection of instruments, collected over the years and used on Grammy winning albums. Array Mbiras, Vibraphone, Hang Drum, Marxophone, Waterphones, string instruments from all over the world, tuned percussions, drum kits, rattly toys, synths and gadgets.

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