The Barn

A 255m² modulable production and filming space is available at walking distance from the house and offers kitchen and bathroom facilities as well as a staging area. The Barn can be hired in conjunction with the House for production and accommodation purposes. An ideal rehearsal studio space for bands and touring artists.

Production and Rehearsal Studio

16Mbps UP & 45Mbps DOWN

240V 63A 3P & 16A commando available inside and outside

Intruder alarm monitored 24/7 and remotely controlled


• 18m x 14m total
• Internal height 7m center, 3.8m sides
• Access door 4.3m wide & 3.3m high
• Flat entrance for speedy load-ins
• Kitchen & toilet area 4.5m x 4m


• 5m x 10m total
• 24 2m x 1m modular units
• Each unit can be set either 30 or 60cm high
• Access ramp available
• Safety railing available

Imogen Heap – D&B 360º Soundscape Concert

Audio & Lights

We work with the industry’s best suppliers and are able to obtain quotes and source any equipment you may need – just ask.

We are also happy to work with a production’s own supplier.